Anzhixing Chinese Display Business Water Purifier AZX-2100-200B3

Product parameters

▶ Suitable for installation in factories, schools, hotels, large office buildings, hospitals, etc.
▶ Working status display, fault alarm
▶ Five-stage filter element treatment, using large flow filter element, larger water production and longer service life
▶ The PE pipes are made of food grade materials, which is safe and hygienic. Using Sehan diaphragm, durable
▶ Ultra-quiet water pump, automatic adjustment of water pressure to ensure safe use, microcomputer five-light display, equipped with special dust cover
▶ Adopting quick-connecting joint, the whole machine is beautiful and practical
▶ New European-designed filter bottle made of 100% high-quality plastic materials, can withstand water pressure up to 34 (kg / cm2)
▶ Automatic water making; fully enclosed appearance
▶ High-power UV sterilization makes drinking water safer
▶ "One drag multiple" function, one pure water machine can be used for multiple drinking water points, easy to install and maintain
product name
Business pure water machine digital display type 200B3
Product number
Rated voltage
AC220 / 50HZ (DC24V)
rated power
Maximum daily output
200G (756 liters) / day
Adapt to water pressure
0.1 ~ 0.4Mpa
proper temperature
5 ~ 45 ℃
Applicable water quality
Standard municipal tap water
TDS value of raw water
Model of pressure storage bucket
11G (24-27 liters of water storage)
Control type
Chinese computer box
Protection against electric shock
net weight
Gross weight
Host size

54cm * 35cm * 97.5cm

Package dimensions
61cm * 40.5cm * 101cm
Enterprise standards
Q / AJF001-2005
First level filtering
5 micron PP cotton core (20 inches); remove rust, sediment, colloid, etc.
Secondary filtering
Activated carbon block core (20 inches); Adsorption of different colors and odors, removal of organic matter, etc.
Tertiary filtering
1 micron PP core (20 inch ;, filter very fine impurities to protect RO membrane
Fourth-level filtering
RO reverse osmosis membrane (20 inches); removes heavy metals such as bacteria, viruses, lead, mercury, chromium
Fifth level filtering
Small T33 coconut shell activated carbon core (20 inch), prevent secondary pollution and improve water quality

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