Anzhixing WeChat After-sales System

In August 2018, Anzhixing launched a WeChat after-sales service system, using the WeChat public platform as a carrier, to provide users with four major service functions: water purifier installation, maintenance, filter reminder, and filter replacement. All Anzhixing users only need to pay attention to Anzhixing service number and perform product binding to receive regular filter replacement reminders. They can also submit service work orders such as installation machines, fault repair and filter replacement, etc., and enter the official Anzhixing WeChat offers preferential purchase of filters and other products to truly save time, effort, money and peace of mind!
Anzhixing WeChat Public Account
1. Binding Product Model

2. The system reminds via WeChat at regular intervals according to the product model

3. After receiving the reminder, you can buy the filter directly in the reminder
1. Submit an Appointment Installation Work Order

2. Customer service will contact you and confirm the information

3. Master comes to install water purifier

4. Installation is complete

1. Submit a maintenance work order

2. Customer service will contact you and confirm the information

3. Customer service guide and handle

4. Work Order Completed

1. Purchase a filter element (or submit a replacement element work order)

2. Watch the replacement video in the public account (or wait for the master to come)

3. Customer service guidance and handling when encountering replacement problems (or wait for the master to complete the installation)

Note: There is a certain cost for the master to replace the filter element.

After sales outline

An Zhixing has launched the "Xing Xiu" central after-sales service plan, which aims to start a revolution in the after-sales of water appliances. The biggest highlight of "Xingxiu" is that it is free of charge. Any Anzhixing water purifier purchased by the user can enjoy free after-sales maintenance services, whether it is a problem with the machine or artificial damage during the warranty period , Repair, replacement!

After-sales body content

The two-way logistics fee, maintenance fee, parts and components (except the filter element) fee generated during the entire after-sales process are all free during the warranty period;

No distinction between responsibilities and repairs for human damage

The consumer has the highest interpretation of the activity.

Users can consult and enjoy "Xingxiu" after-sales service through the following statistics: Ali Wangwang, WeChat, Weibo, and Anzhixing National Service Hotline

Five-star repair service

Xing Xiu is an after-sales model of Anzhixing Water Purifier launched in 2015. This model uses the central warehouse as the maintenance center and the third-party courier as the network to realize the reverse logistics process of the products to be repaired, from the user to the central maintenance center, and then to the user. The entire process is centered on the user experience, and the entire process is free, enabling easy maintenance for product users.

Service Guidelines


1. The whole machine refers to the warranty scope of the whole machine except for the consumable materials (various screws, links, filter elements, etc.);
2. Consumables are not covered by the warranty;
3. During the warranty period, it does not include the maintenance occupation and the waiting time due to no parts.
4. Due to express and logistics reasons, this service policy is only applicable to the administrative regions of mainland China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao regions).
5. Anzhixing's "Xingxiu" after-sales service policy was officially launched on September 15, 2015, and accepts user supervision.
6. If you have any questions or suggestions about the "Star Repair" service, you can contact us directly through the contact information.

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