Water purification industry news

Manufacturer Show

  • Water purifier factory front desk

    Manufacturer front desk

    Customer visits, registration inquiries

  • Office area

    Office area

    Working employees

  • Office area

    meeting room

    Anxing people in a meeting

  • Water purifier exhibition hall

    Water purifier exhibition hall

    Used to display water purifier equipment for customers to visit and understand

  • Factory honor wall

    Factory honor wall

    Honor certificate, water approval document, patent certificate for displaying the factory

  • Factory assembly line

    Assembly line

    Workers are assembling Anzhixing water purifier

  • A corner of the pipeline

    A corner of the pipeline

    Workers are making water purifiers

  • Inspection workshop

    Inspection workshop

    Anzhixing employees are testing water purifiers

  • Automatic packing line

    Automatic packing line

    An Zhixing members work on the automatic packing line

  • Accessory room

    Manufacturer accessories room

    For storing water purifier accessories

  • Factory Warehouse

    Offline shipping warehouse

    For placing goods of offline franchisees

  • Factory Warehouse

    Online shipping warehouse

    Goods for placing Anzhixing online marketing sales

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