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Water is the source of life. Good water helps you have a healthy body.

Water is very important.It is the source of life

The good water help you have healthy body.

Water pollution is not far from us

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According to the "China Environmental Bulletin" data, only 2.8% of surface water in the country is available for drinking after disinfection, 61.7% is slightly polluted, and 35.5% is heavily polluted, while tap water contains rust, sediment, colloids, bacterial viruses, and water Ditch and harmful substances such as heavy metals.

Water body environment is increasingly polluted

Secondary pollution of tap water

Most people suffer from secondary pollution of drinking water

Secondary pollution of tap water

100 billion market scale, unlimited prospects

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At present, the penetration rate of domestic water purifiers is only 8%, and the drinking water consumption methods in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen account for 24% of water purifiers, 1% of direct drinking water, and 75% of bottled water. The future market of water purifiers is huge. .

China Water Purifier Industry Market Research Report

Low penetration rate of domestic water purifiers

Zhongyikang data survey shows

It is estimated that by 2020, China's water purifier market will reach a scale of 128 billion

Water purifier has become a new blue ocean in the appliance industry

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