Franchisee witness

Franchisee witness

Hear success stories shared by our franchisees

Hunan Yongzhou General Manager:
An Zhixing's scale, service and quality convinced me

Before 2017, I worked in Shenzhen and said I was standing in my thirties. I didn't want to work for others all the time and wanted to be a business owner. So I was very interested in learning about the water purifier from my friends. I think the water purifier industry is very promising. In the future ...

General Manager of Shandong Zhao:
Anzhixing, a reassuring professional brand

I am very happy to join the Anzhixing family. On this road to water purification, there is happiness and joy. I am very grateful to An Zhixing for the stormy journey along the way, I learned a lot and felt a lot, I believe we will go smoother and bigger, bigger and bigger! An Zhixing water purifier is ...

General Manager of Nanping Shao Wu Sun:
Choose professional, high-quality Anstar to be trusted

An Zhixing water purifier, to improve water quality and benefit human beings, making a water purifier is a blessed business. To bring clean water to the general public is a big thing for me to do. I chose Anzhixing because of its strength. Anzhixing water purifier was established in 1996. Professional water purification ...

Mr. Chen, Foshan, Guangdong:
Good product, many loyal customers introduce new customers

I started to be interested in water purifier products in 2013. I think that I can make money and give people health. I have been unknowingly engaged in the water purifier industry for more than 4 years. The more water purifiers are sold, the more friends there are. This is a great gain. Anzhixing products, clothes ...

Guizhou Changshun Zhu Zhu:
Anzhixing product quality is recognized by many customers

As an agent franchisee, I have been joining Anzhixing for several years. Seeing that many of our families choose Anzhixing water purifier and drink healthy water, I am really proud of it! An Zhixing's product quality, customers have feedback effects ...

Guangxi Yulin General Manager Liao:
Opened a second store in less than a year with Anzhixing

I started working with An Zhixing in November 2016. At that time, I opened a small store for promotion and invited a group of employees to the village for promotion. Slowly until August 2017, opened a second store. After working with Anzhixing for more than a year, I feel that the product effect is still very good, ...

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