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Affiliate Policy
Have certain economic strength and have certain project funds according to the franchise model
Have certain management and distribution capabilities, and have a complete sales network and service capabilities in the local area
Recognize the market status of the long-term development of the water purification industry and are willing to continue to engage in the water purification industry for a long time
Fully recognize the brand management philosophy and management model of "Anzhixing Water Purifier", obey the management of the headquarters organization, and actively cooperate with the market operation of the headquarters
Have legal personality or legal business qualifications, have complete industrial and commercial, tax registration procedures, law-abiding operations, no bad records
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Joining process

1. Consultation

Before joining Anzhixing, learn about brand information, joining policies, etc. through the Internet, phone or China Merchants Association, etc., and make a preliminary judgment on whether it is suitable to join or represent Anzhixing

2. Submit Application

After the intention communication with the Anzhixing area manager, submit the application form to the headquarters

3. Qualification review

Anzhixing Water Purifier Headquarters reviews various information provided by investors, and the head office evaluates the local market and submits an analysis of investment returns

4. Site visit

Applicants who meet the conditions of joining Anzhixing can go to the standard shop or visit the company headquarters to discuss and learn more about the project.

5. Contract signing

Confirm the joining customers, review the franchise cooperation agreement, clarify the cooperation methods, rights and obligations of both parties, and sign the water purifier project agent joining agreement.

6. Store Location

The franchisee independently selects the appropriate store address, and Anzhixing headquarters provides evaluation suggestions and review.

7. Store decoration

Anzhixing headquarters provides a standard VI system, and the franchisee provides store floor plans, photos, and photocopy of ID cards.

8. Store training

Anzhixing Headquarters assists franchisees in personnel recruitment, and provides store opening and employee training guidance

9. Cargo delivery

According to the agreement, the headquarters uses its own powerful logistics to deliver materials and goods to franchisees.

10. Early promotion

Assist franchisees to formulate business plans, publicize promotion plans, and conduct trial operations, etc.

11. officially opened

The headquarters assisted in holding the opening ceremony, came to congratulate, track the operation of the opening, and provide advice

12. Business guidance

The franchisees timely reported back to the headquarters the initial operating conditions, and Anzhixing headquarters conducted marketing training and guidance to franchisees from time to time

Site Selection Techniques
01Determine the business district

Each city has its own business district plan

Exclude those who are not suitable for their comprehensive development.

02 identify the community

Choose a community with a higher occupancy rate

Water purifier products are closely related to life

Nearby residents can easily become your potential customers

03 road traffic

Choose a place with a lot of road traffic

Is more conducive to the development of Anzhixing water purifier franchise stores

Such as commercial streets, stations, etc.

04 Store Costs

Cost control, find reasonable price stores

05 peripheral analysis

Analysis of surrounding competition, analysis of adverse factors

Summarize your advantages and disadvantages through analysis of competitors

Make adjustments, make good business plans, and seize commanding heights

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Q & A
How does Astar join the division? Question 1


According to the strength of dealers, according to the effective division of China's administrative area, set up franchisees, county-level general distributors, county / urban general distributors, prefecture-level general distributors, provincial capital cities general distributors, and municipal governments Dealer level.
Does Astar enjoy zone protection? Question 2


Yes. Anzhixing Headquarters strictly controls the franchisees in the region to protect the franchise benefits of franchisees; and has independent operation rights in the areas where it operates.
What is the total investment required to join AnStar? Question 3


According to different joining levels and different regions, the initial investment range is about 100,000 to 500,000. In addition, Anzhixing can reimburse a certain amount of shop decoration subsidies.
Does joining AnStar free all brand resources? Question 4


Yes. Anzhixing adopts a unified brand image. During the contract period, you can use all brand resources for free, including but not limited to brand VI, brand advertising, brand promotional graphics, brand posters, etc.
Are there any differences in the price of joining Anzhixing in different regions?


no difference. For the pickup amount within the same range, we give uniform prices to franchisees of the same level nationwide.
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