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In order not to waste resources, learn more about Anzhixing Water Purifier Filter

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Water purifier products have gradually become an important member of every family-household water purifiers. Although it has become a money-making tool for many water purifiers and water purifier agents , it also exists in each of our homes. It can guarantee the safety of our drinking water and bring us health. It is composed of a variety of accessories, the most important of which is the filter element. In order not to waste resources, we still have to take a good look at the filter element!

What will happen when the filter element expires? Weak filtration effect affects health

One of the manifestations of the filter element expiration is clogging. The clogged filter element will reduce the flow of water and reduce the filtering effect, resulting in a reduction in the "purity" of the purified water. Not only that, the filter element will also absorb a large amount of organic matter, which can easily become a bacteria In hotbeds, the overdue filter element will cause drinking water pollution. At this time, if you drink directly, it will absorb some harmful impurities into the body and cause harm to the human body.
The water purifier is basically filtered step by step. For example, the first stage filter element-PP cotton is blocked, and large particles of impurities such as sediment, rust in the water will follow the raw water and directly enter the second stage filter element, so that it is not responsible for filtering large particles. Impurity second-stage filter elements must take on this extra work. Overload work will shorten its life very quickly. Originally, only the replacement cost of “PP cotton filter element” was borne during this period of time. Because of the bad habit of “replacement of filter element irregularly”, it was necessary to bear the double-layer cost of two filter elements, or even more. If the filter element is not changed for a long time, the operation of the water purifier will become sluggish, which will also reduce the life of the water purifier. Increased costs even more!
Several methods to teach you when to replace the filter

1. The water flow rate becomes very small (indicating that the filter element is clogged, and the filter element should be cleaned in order to restore normal flow rate). After cleaning, the flow rate is still small, and then it cannot meet the needs;
2. The drop of the mouthwater taste is close to that of the tap water, that is, the chlorine smell of the tap water cannot be removed, indicating that the activated carbon filter has been saturated with adsorption and the activated carbon has failed;
3.The filter element has not been replaced for up to one year;

The above three situations appear, indicating that you need to replace the filter element. People who will live a bit better understand the use of domestic water purifiers.
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