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Congratulations to Anzhixing Water Purifier won three honors including the National Advanced Enterprise of Quality and Integrity in 2019

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Recently, following the honor of “National Leading Enterprise in Water Purifier Industry Quality” and “National Leading Brand in Water Purifier Industry Quality” in 2019, Shenzhen Angel Industrial Co., Ltd. and its brand Anzhixing Water Purifier were again awarded by China Quality Inspection Association There are three quality awards such as the 2019 National Advanced Enterprise in Quality and Integrity, the 2019 National Advanced Enterprise in Quality Inspection, and the 2019 National Quality Trustworthy Product.

The three honors obtained are the firm recognition and trust of Anji Industrial and Anzhixing Water Purifier from the China Quality Inspection Association and consumers, and also a strong embodiment of Anzhixing Water Purifier's brand quality.

China Quality Inspection Association believes that Angel Industry-Anzhixing always adheres to the consumer-oriented principle in products and services, and has a great advantage in comparability, fairness, image, wide range of service objects, and basic social credit. At the same time, in all tests, Anzhixing water purifier products meet national standards, and the product quality continues to be stable and qualified. Therefore, it is worthy to win these three honors.

At present, Anzhixing products include faucet water purifiers , front scale inhibitors , ultrafiltration water purifiers , household water purifiers , box-type pure water purifiers , commercial pure water purifiers , direct drink all-in-one machines , pipeline machines , and boiling water. And other categories. It can be said that Anzhixing water purifier basically covers most categories of the water purifier industry.

Angel Industry-Anzhixing Water Purifier has always adhered to "Quality First"! In terms of quality control, Anzhixing insists on using high-quality raw materials, and its products are underwritten by Ping An of China. They all have complete water approval documents and test reports. In combination with advanced quality management experience in the production process, we have established a quality management system to create quality assured products.

In addition, there is also a special testing room equipped with full-time technical personnel to focus on product testing to ensure that products passing through the market are 100% qualified.

Obtaining the honor is affirmation and spur, adhere to the integrity contract of product and service quality. The Chinese water purification expert-Angel Industrial-Anzhixing Water Purifier, which began in 1996, will continue to adhere to its original intention, practice corporate responsibility through actions, and continuously improve products. Quality and safety, perfect after-sales service experience!

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